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both Economics and Business in Leaving Cert Exam

Why should you choose both Economics and Business in Leaving Cert Exam?

Our founder Nik outlines numerous reasons why a higher-level student should simultaneously study both Economics and Business in Leaving Cert Exam. These reasons are comprehensively detailed to highlight the benefits of pursuing both subjects concurrently, offering a well-rounded perspective on the importance of this combination for students preparing to ace the exam and achieve a H1 grade. The reasons for choosing both Economics and Business are as follows –

  • Overlapping of Topics: 

Numerous occurrences have demonstrated the overlap between economics and business, with shared themes such as the division of labor, macroeconomic policies, and international trade. Opting to study one of these subjects can effectively serve as preparation for the other, streamlining your study time while enhancing your comprehensive understanding of both perspectives. Combining both Economics and Business in leaving cert exam courses not only provides students with a comprehensive understanding but also allows them to efficiently allocate time. By synchronizing these subjects, students can save up to 100 hours of study, facilitating a more balanced focus on their other academic pursuits.

  • Increased Awareness about Surroundings

Economics and Business in Leaving Cert Exam studies often include discussions on international trade, globalization, and multinational corporations. These topics broaden your perspective on how the world’s economies are interconnected and how global events can affect local economies. We also suggest students to compliment the study of Economics Curriculum with Irish newspapers to relate the real-life events with the theoretical knowledge. Book a free grind with us today for evaluations!

both Economics and Business in Leaving Cert Exam

  • Career preparation by both Economics and Business in Leaving Cert Exam

Studying both the Economics and Business in the leaving certificate provides a strong foundation for career preparation. It equips you with essential knowledge and skills, including financial literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving, which are invaluable in a variety of professions. These subjects also allow you to explore potential career paths in finance, marketing, management, and entrepreneurship, helping you make informed decisions about your future. You can have personalized session by booking a absolutely free session with us. 

  • Financial literacy

In my opinion, this should be the foremost reason for choosing both Economics and Business in Leaving Cert Exam. Studying economics and business in the Leaving Cert fosters financial literacy by imparting essential skills and knowledge. It teaches budgeting, enabling efficient resource allocation. Economics provides insight into financial systems and investment principles, while business courses cover entrepreneurship and financial planning. Understanding various types of economic situation and their management is emphasized. You’ll also comprehend the impact of government economic policies, which can influence personal finances.



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